2nd Royal Tank Regiment
The 2nd Royal Tank Regiment
     The men of 2 RTR are experts in fighting from Armoured Fighting Vehicles. During training, young Tankies cut their teeth on the most complex vehicle in the British arsenal - the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.
The Regiment is based near Stonehenge in Wiltshire and recruits its men from the South West and South East of England. The Regiment is proud to think of itself as "Southern England's Armour".
In Helmand Province, Afghanistan, these armoured experts are transferring their tank skills to the full range of new British armoured vehicles: Mastiff, Warthog, Wolfhound, Panther and Jackal. All of these are used by Tankies to fight the insurgents and support the infantry in order to bring security to the people of Afghanistan.

The 2nd Royal Tank Regiment is in action right now on the ground in Afghanistan. Tankies are showing the insurgents what our motto - "FEAR NAUGHT" - really means.
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Merseyside RTR
2nd Royal Tank Regiment
2nd Royal Tank Regiment